Staking formula


The main goal of NEARton staking is rewarding NEARton NFT holders using utility token $NEXP.
Since a typical NFT holder owns NFTs from different collections, we're allowing to stake not only NEARton NFTs. It helps to connect strong projects together and reward early NEAR NFTs adopters.

Key principles

NEARton NFTs are stakable.
To stake partners' collections with NEARton, you need to own and stake at least one NEARton house.
Each house has its own base staking rate (bSR), calculated based on rarity + multiplier for Central District (4.4).
Be aware that bSR is specified in points, not in $NEXP. Points to $NEXP ratio will be published later.
All rewards are split into two pools: - Rewards for NEARton NFTs (50%) - Rewards for all partners NFTs (50%) Partners NFTs have a flat SR calculated based on market cap.
Each house has a base capacity: 5 partners NFTs per house.
You can find staking rate and capacity on the house page (example), info icon near the owner.
As NEARton is a DeFi strategy game, we've decided to make it interesting. You will be able to improve the staking rate and capacity by upgrading the level of your house using $NEXP (and combining a few NEARton houses - details coming soon).
Levels grid will be introduced after the staking launch.