Deflation v3


Previous Deflation Events were successful, and we received many requests to do a third one. We want to remind you of the advantages you can get from deflating your houses:
  • less supply and potentially higher value of NEARton NFTs
  • expanded capacity to stake more partners NFTs
  • higher staking rate for NEARton NFTs

How it works

You are able to merge 2 or 3 houses into one. As a result, you will combine all staking rates and capacity in one house + get a solid bonus, the rest of the houses will be burned (you will be able to choose which house to preserve).
Please note that if you already have a MAX merged house, you CAN’T merge it further.
The cost of Deflation is 150 $NEXP for ONE merge (so you’ll pay 300 $NEXP for the MAX merged VIP house).


House Capacity (number of partners NFTs that you can stake in this house)
Default capacity per house is 5 By merging 2 houses your final capacity will be 12 By merging 3 housed your final capacity will be 20

Staking Rate (SR)

You can find current house SR on Paras (Rarity Score) or on the house page at By merging 2 houses you will have (SR1 + SR2) * 1.3 By merging 3 houses you will have (SR12 + SR3) * 1.3 Example: Host house = CD #94, SR = 91.5 1st house to merge = Sub #671, SR = 24.31 2nd house to merge = Sub #796, SR = 17.5 (91.5 + 24.31) * 1.3 = 150.55 (150.55 + 17.5) * 1.3 = 218.47 Final SR = 218.47 You have CD #94, Sub #671 and Sub #796 were burned.
You will be able to chose a host house (1) and house for merging (2). After merging the second one will be burned (it will no longer be on Paras and on blockchain itself). IMPORTANT - house for merging (2) should be CLEAN SUBURB (hasn't been merged with other houses yet). Combinations can be: CD + Sub Sub + Sub CD + Sub + Sub Sub + Sub + Sub