Deflation proposal v2


The first Deflation Event was successful, and we received many requests to do a second one. We want to remind you of the advantages you can get from deflating your houses:
  • less supply and potentially higher value of NEARton NFTs
  • expanded capacity to stake more partners NFTs
  • higher staking rate for NEARton NFTs

How it works

You will be able to merge 2 or 3 houses into one. As a result, you will combine all staking rates and capacity in one house + get a solid bonus, the rest of the houses will be burned (you will be able to choose which house to preserve).
Please note that if you already have a MAX merged house, you CAN’T merge it further. However, the participants of the first Deflation Event will get special conditions this time.
The previous Deflation was free of charge, but we mentioned that the next one would cost you some $NEXP. This time you’ll need to pay 150 $NEXP for ONE merge (so you’ll pay 300 $NEXP for the MAX merged VIP house).
The participants of the first Deflation (wallets with merged house) will have 2 prior days (that is, will have the opportunity to start merging 2 days earlier than the rest). The Public Deflation will start right after the Liquidity Pools Launch, so if you would not have enough $NEXP from staking rewards, you’ll be able to get them from In total this event will last 4 days.


House Capacity (number of partners NFTs that you can stake in this house)
Default capacity per house is 5 By merging 2 houses your final capacity will be 12 By merging 3 housed your final capacity will be 20

Staking Rate (SR)

You can find current house SR on Paras (Rarity Score) or on the house page at By merging 2 houses you will have (SR1 + SR2) * 1.3 By merging 3 houses you will have (SR12 + SR3) * 1.3 Example: Host house = CD #94, SR = 91.5 1st house to merge = Sub #671, SR = 24.31 2nd house to merge = Sub #796, SR = 17.5 (91.5 + 24.31) * 1.3 = 150.55 (150.55 + 17.5) * 1.3 = 218.47 Final SR = 218.47 You have CD #94, Sub #671 and Sub #796 were burned.
You will be able to chose a host house and house for merging. After merging the second one will be burned (it will no longer be on Paras and on blockchain itself). IMPORTANT - you can't burn Central District. Combinations can be: CD + Sub Sub + Sub CD + Sub + Sub Sub + Sub + Sub
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